New! Cobra Wire Collapsible Container

    Wire ContainerCustomers have asked for it, and we’ve just added a new product group to our lineup – The Cobra Wire Collapsible Containers. They’re so new, they aren’t on our website yet.

    Why wire collapsibles?

    • Galvanized steel wire with 2” grid.
    • Huge load capacities – up to 4000 lbs.
    • See through design – cuts down on unauthorized material.
    • Low shipping costs - 4 shipping points across the USA

    Standard quick ship sizes in stock:

    • 48” x 40” x 42” H, 183 lbs. tare weight
    • 48” x 40” x 36” H, 165 lbs. tare weight
    • 40” x 32” x 34” H, 135 lbs. tare weight
    • 32” x 20” x 32” H, 58 lbs. tare weight

    All have drop doors on the long side. Options include casters and fork tubes, and custom sizes or designs are available.

    Give us a call at 866-289-9181, email, or Request a Quote.

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    Posted by Steve Phelps