Pac Plus™  6-Yard FEL Compactor

    This 6-yard all-in-one FEL compactor features a high compaction ratio, internal hydraulics, time saving operation, and easy installation. Suitable for any waste or recycling stop, it can be installed indoors as well as outdoors.

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    Pac Plus

    Pac Plus Hauler Advantages

    • Reduced collection frequency per ton – 6:1 general waste compaction ratio vs. 3:1 for Vert-I-Pak
    • More productive – gain 1 hour of route time per week with fewer minutes per stop
    • Eliminates driver disconnect/reconnect errors – all hydraulics are internal
    • Fits where others won’t – 30% smaller footprint – 37 square feet vs. 53 square feet
    • Load weights – 5000 lbs. for waste, 2500 lbs. for commingled recyclables, 700-800 lbs. for corrugated
    • Simple installation – 220v single phase power – no hydraulic connections or frame to be anchored to pavement


    Pac Plus Customer Advantages

    • Compact – fits anywhere a 6-yard front load container fits
    • Odor, rodents, insects are eliminated – Pac Plus is completely sealed
    • Reduced collection frequency – fewer disruptions, less noise, traffic, and property damage
    • Easier, safer customer loading – 26” feed height vs. Vert-I-Pak’s 56.5”
    • Esthetics – customers love its contemporary, compact look

    To learn more about how the Pac Plus can help you meet your sales, retention, and service goals please contact us.