Best Bulk Containers For Metal Recycling

    Best Bulk Containers For Metal Recycling

    Since 2006, Container Essentials has worked with metal recycling companies and manufacturers to help them source the plastic bulk containers or metal bins they need to streamline their recycling operations and increase efficiency. Our plastic MACX bins and our new and used steel bins are all designed to make storing, transporting, and processing scrap metal easier, thereby reducing the time and effort required to handle it.

    MACX® 1500 ContainersPlastic bulk containers like our 48x40x31 MACX 1500 bin are great for recycling metal turnings, shavings, trimmings, and other recycling applications where loads won’t exceed 1500 lbs. These stackable plastic bulk containers stack 9 high fully loaded, saving valuable floor and truck space. These forkliftable plastic bins can also be stacked without a lid, allowing forklift operators to stack and unstack them without having to get off their forklift. MACX Bins are leak-proof, making them a good choice for wet or oil-soaked scrap. Standard MACX bins are 31” tall, but our MACX XT bins are available in heights up to 77”

    New and Used Metal BinsOur large selection of new and used metal bins is another excellent solution for metal recycling. Our new steel scrap bins are rated for 4000 lbs. and can be fitted with options such as lifting lugs for use with cranes, skid bars or, fork tubes for use as rotator containers or rollover bins, and many other options to fit your unique needs. If our standard metal bins aren’t quite right, they can be customized to meet the specific needs of your recycling application.

    For companies with some flexibility on size or a tight budget, we stock used industrial metal bins that typically ship within 48 hours after order placement. Our used steel bin inventory can be found here.

    Contact us today, and one of our container experts can help you choose the best bulk container for your metal recycling needs.

    Posted by Aaron Goulet