Container Essentials has a large selection of scrap metal bins. We offer both plastic tubs and steel bins to handle all your industrial metal recycling needs.

Stackable plastic bulk containers like our MACX® bins or nestable plastic bins like our Gorilla Bulk Bins are great for turnings or small aluminum parts.

New and used heavy duty steel bins and rigid wire baskets are great heavier for larger metal parts. Optional fork tubes or metal runners are available on our new corrugated metal bins, making them great for use as rollover containers, for easily rotating bins into roll offs or other larger containers.

Poly box trucks like our Grizzly Carts are great collecting material from scrap peddlers and other small volume applications.

If you are unsure which scrap metal bin you need, one of our knowledgeable reps will be happy to help you choose the right recycling bulk container for your application.