Used Metal Bins in Stock

    Used Metal Bins in Stock

    Container Essentials is now has heavy duty used metal bins for sale

    Popular with automotive stamping plants, used steel bins are a great choice for heavy applications such as metal casting, metal stamping and, scrap metal collection.

    Browse our Toledo Ohio inventory of used metal containers for sale and contact us today for a quote. If you don’t see the size you need, we have more new and used metal bins available from several locations throughout North America.

    Used Metal Bins - Toledo, OH
    Style Size QTY Color
    Solid Bin (Collapsible) 30x32x28 15 Mixed
    Solid Bin 32x32x26 1 Mixed
    Solid Bin 36x32x26 35 Blue
    Solid Bin 36x32x36 20 Blue
    Solid Bin 40x27x18 25 Mixed
    Solid Bin 40x34x30 5 Green
    Solid Bin 42x32x22 20 Mixed
    Solid Bin (U-Side) 42x32x29 2 Blue
    Solid Bin 46x36x29 5 Mixed
    Solid Bin (Drop Bottom) 48x33x30 1 Mixed
    Solid Bin 48x36x26 64 Blue
    Solid Bin 48x36x36 10 Blue
    Solid Bin (Drop Bottom) 48x40x26 1 Green
    Solid Bin 48x45x26 1 Mixed
    Solid Bin (Collapsible) 48x45x34 62 Mixed
    Solid Bin (Drop Bottom) 48x45x34 168 Orange
    Solid Bin (Perforated Holes) 48x48x36 17 Mixed
    Solid Bin (Drop Bottom) 49x36x36 5 Mixed
    Solid Bin 50x35x39 7 Orange and Green
    Solid Bin (Drop Bottom) 52x32x36 18 Mixed
    Solid Bin 53x48x18 9 Mixed
    Solid Bin 53x48x38 93 Mostly Blue
    Solid Bin 54x44x25.25 142 Blue
    Solid Bin 54x44x40 6 Blue
    Solid Bin (5131 Style) 54x44x40 5 Mixed Color
    Solid Bin (Expanded Metal) 54x44x50 91 Orange
    Solid Bin 60x36x36 30 Blue
    Solid Bin 63x48x26 2  
    Solid Bin 63x48x34 2  
    Solid Bin (Collapsible) 66x40x32 26 Mixed
    Solid Bin 72.5x36x26 29 Blue
    Solid Bin 78x48x18 6 Tan
    Solid Bin 78x48x26 3 Tan
    Solid Bin 80x44x28 7 blue
    Solid Bin 82x32x34 130 Blue/Green
    Solid Bin 87x36x36 8 Blue
    Solid Bin 96x48x24 50 Mixed
    Solid Bin (Collapsible) 96x48x32 5 Yellow
    Solid Bin (No Drop) 96x48x33 2 Yellow
    Solid Bin (No Gates) 96x48x36 8 Mixed
    Solid Bin 108x44x36 48 Blue
    Solid Bin 108x44x40 2 Mixed
    Solid Bin 108x48x26 41 Mixed
    Solid Bin 108x48x32 1 Mixed
    Solid Bin 108x48x50 1 Mixed
    Solid Bin (No Drop) 120x48x36 3 Yellow or Blue

    Contact us today for a quote.

    Looking for something else? Container Essentials is now stocking multiple styles and sizes of used wire baskets and used bulk containers, in strategic locations throughout the country, for quick delivery and lower shipping cost.

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    Posted by Aaron Goulet