Used Wire Baskets In Stock and Ready to Ship

    Used Wire Baskets In Stock and Ready to Ship

    Container Essentials now offers heavy duty used wire baskets for sale. Used wire bins are a great choice for heavy applications such as metal casting, metal stamping and, scrap metal collection. We have both rigid wire baskets and collapsible wire baskets in stock and ready to ship.

    Browse our Toledo Ohio inventory of used wire baskets for sale and contact us today for a quote.

    If you don’t see the size you need, we have more new and used wire baskets available from several locations throughout North America.
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    Used Wire Basket Inventory 2023-05
    Wire Basket 44x54x39 Check 320
    Wire Basket 45x29x18 42 130
    Wire Basket 45x29x28 24 145
    Wire Basket 48x26x34 Check 140
    Wire Basket 53x42x40 10 250
    Wire Basket 53x48x24 4 230
    Wire Basket 53x48x34 Check 325
    Wire Basket 53x48x38 Check 325
    Wire Basket 53x48x40 Check 325
    Wire Basket 54x44x38 Check 320
    Wire Basket 54x44x40 10 320
    Wire Basket 54x44x49 Check 415
    Wire Basket (Expanded Metal Floor) 54x44x50 32 340
    Wire Basket 54x48x50 Check 400
    Wire Basket 57x47x41 4 360
    Wire Basket 57x48x33 Check 325
    Wire Basket 57x48x36 Check 410
    Wire Basket 57x48x50 20 380
    Wire Basket 58x45x34 Check 340
    Wire Basket 58x47x41 5
    Wire Basket 65x48x34 Check 340
    Wire Basket 66x40x34 38 360
    Wire Basket 67x48x50 32 440
    Wire Basket 67x54x50 6 460
    Wire Basket 75x54x59 30 410
    Wire Basket 80x39x33 34 380
    Wire Basket 84x54x50 14 520
    Wire Basket 106x48x34 6 670
    Wire Basket 108x44x40 16 680
    Wire Basket 108x44x50 3 720

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    Looking for something else? Container Essentials stocks multiple styles and sizes of used metal containers, used plastic knockdown bins, and used straight wall totes, in strategic locations throughout the country, for quick delivery and lower shipping cost.

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