Used Straight Wall Totes in Stock

    used plastic stacking totes in stock

    Straight wall totes, also known as stacking totes, are great option to protect parts during assembly, processing, storage and transportation in a range of industries, including automotive, appliance, and other high-volume manufacturing applications. Our used totes are a great option for companies looking to reduce packaging costs and lead times. Below is a list of totes we have in stock as of today in Ohio.

    If you don’t see the size you need, we have more new and used totes available from several locations throughout North America.
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    Used Straight Wall Tote Inventory 2023-08
    Tote 12x15x4 290 -
    Tote 12x15x5 676 1.8
    Tote 12x15x7 2296 2.3
    Tote 12x15x9 36 2.5
    Tote 12x7x5 100 1
    Tote 24x15x11 516 5
    Tote 24x15x14 606 6
    Tote 24x15x5 2832 3
    Tote 24x15x7 792 3.6
    Tote 24x15x9 4389 4
    Tote 24x22x11 496 6.3
    Tote 24x22x14 912 7.1
    Tote 24x22x17 Check 6.5
    Tote 24x22x7 166 4.8
    Tote 24x22x9 650 5.3
    Tote 32x15x7 64 4.7
    Tote 48x15x11 100 8.5
    Tote 48x15x7 Check 7
    Tote 48x45x17 20 90

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