Metal Bin Inventory

    In order to make room for new inventory we are offering deep discounts on the following used metal bins.CONTACT US today for a quote. Don't see the size you need? Browse our full Toledo Ohio inventory HERE.

      Size Qty
    36x32x36-Used-metal-bulk-containers-for-sale 36x32x36 400
    53x48x26-Used-Metal-Storage-Bin-For-Sale 53x48x26 135
    53x48x38-used-metal-bins-for-sale 53x48x38 80
    54x44x25-used-metal-containers-for-sale 54x44x25 136
    74x44x50-Metal-bins 74x44x50 32
    96x48x26-Large-Metal-Containers-For-Sale 96x48x24 78
    108x44x36-metal-bins 108x44x36 61
    108x48x26-Metal-bins-for-sale 108x48x26 40

    Looking for something else? Container Essentials is now stocking multiple styles and sizes of used wire baskets and used plastic bulk containers, in strategic locations throughout the country, for quick delivery and lower shipping cost.

    Posted by Aaron Goulet



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