Stock Container Slowing You Down? A Custom Container May be the Answer

    Stock ContainersThe majority of the time, stock containers will work. They ship efficiently and can solve the challenges of bulk material. However, there are situations where the standard container sizes won’t work.

    In the past, I’ve seen customers lament over a specific container having the wrong dimensions or size (too big or not big enough) and, sure enough, their eyes light up when I ask:

    “Why don’t we talk about a customized container?”

    The bottom line is that the right container is out there, it just might be difficult to find. When a stock container won’t fit, a custom container may be the only way to get the job done.

    With any customized product, the cost may be slightly higher at the onset, but the investment can pay off big time in the long run. Your newfound efficiency and increased productivity will make you more competitive, which will help you win and retain more customers.

    So, think about it. Are there any containers that are slowing you down? That don’t quite fit? If so, it's time to learn more about custom container solutions.

    Posted by Steve Phelps