Custom Labels for Containers 101

    Custom Labels 101

    Did you know that custom labels are available for almost all of our containers?Custom Labels for Containers 101

    Custom labels help promote your business and can pay for themselves by reducing missing or customer re-purposed containers. Compared with spray painted stencils, which can easily be removed with solvent, custom labels are more permanent and look better.

    The main types of custom labels:

    In-Mold Labels

    • Can be multi-colored and are molded right into the container during manufacturing.
    • This is the best looking, most permanent type of label.
    • Offered with Container Essentials Workhorse II bulk container.

    Post-Mold Labels

    • Similar to in-molded, but it’s usually a single color label that’s molded into the container surface after it's manufactured.
    • Several sizes are available, and it’s a permanent label.
    • Available with Container Essentials Grizzly Carts and Gorilla bulk containers.


    • The surface of the container is molded with a raised area showing a logo or contact information.
    • Because it’s part of the container wall, it will be the same color as the container.
    • It’s extremely durable, but isn’t quite as visible as some of the other types of labels.
    • Available with Container Essentials MACX containers in truckload quantities.

    Die-Cut Adhesive Labels

    • This is a really good looking single color label.
    • The logo or contact information is die-cut and backed with an industrial adhesive.
    • Sharp looking and durable.
    • Available with Container Essentials Grizzly carts and Gorilla bulk containers.

    Banner Adhesive Labels

    • Much like a bumper sticker.
    • It can be multiple colors with a solid background.
    • Available with any Container Essentials container.

    Hot Stamping

    Now that you know everything about custom labels, you are ready to start meeting with commercial container suppliers to make sure you get them with your containers. If you have any questions during this process, feel free to reach out to me directly.

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