Example: Solving Commercial Container Problems

    Solving commercial container problemsSometimes you start down one path and end up on another.

    Recently, we were working with a customer competing for a new contract. If theirs was the winning bid they’d need several hundred mobile carts to service the contract. As an aside, they asked if we offer big used collapsible boxes - 50" high – because they’re also converting from gaylords to reusable commercial containers.

    We’d dabbled in used containers, but hadn’t made it a real part of our business. Long story short, we jumped on it, found a low cost source in Mexico, filled the customer’s truckload order, cut his cost, and are making used collapsible containers a regular part of our business. We both win.

    It’s why we’re different. We work for you, not a manufacturer, and whether we stock, find, or create what you need, you get the right solution at the right price, and you can focus on running your business.

    Posted by Steve Phelps

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