3 Reasons Why the Resin Used to Make Your Bulk Containers Matters

    Workhorse IIDid you know there are three primary types of resin used to manufacture plastic bulk containers? The industry standard is linear resin, but there are alternatives: cross linked resin, and blends of virgin linear and recycled resin.

    Container raw materials aren’t usually something you’re thinking about, but there are 3 big differences in durability and overall cost:

    1. Blends with recycled resin. Least expensive to buy, most expensive to own.

    Containers made with recycled resin have the shortest life and they’re not usually backed by a manufacturer’s warranty. When comparing reusable plastic containers, this one is the most expensive per use or turn, and has the highest total cost of ownership.

    2. Virgin linear resin. Medium cost to buy, medium cost to own.

    Linear virgin resin is reasonably durable, can be repaired, can be recycled, and will usually be guaranteed against defects in materials and workmanship. Cost per use can be as much as 50% lower than containers made with blended virgin and recycled resin. The majority of material collection containers are made with linear virgin resin.

    3 . Cross linked resin. Highest cost to buy, but by far the lowest cost to own and use.

    Cross linked resin offers the longest life, and lowest total cost per use and lowest total cost of ownership. A cross linked resin container can last 10 times longer – 10 times! While it’s more expensive to buy, it’s much less expensive to use and own over the life of the container. The downside: It’s difficult to repair, and it’s not recyclable.

    Ask your supplier these questions:

    • Can they offer both linear and cross linked resin?
    • What are the differences in price?
    • Can they estimate, based on experience, the number of turns you could expect with each?

    Only then can you determine what the actual cost of ownership will be.

    Questions? Let’s start a conversation, contact me today.

    Posted by Steve Phelps