Used collapsible plastic bulk containers are a sturdy and reusable alternative to corrugated containers. They share all the features of new collapsible containers, with the added benefit of lower pricing. Suitable for the rough and tumble environment of manufacturing and commercial recycling.

  • Aggressively priced
  • Stocked in strategic locations throughout the country, for quick delivery
  • Inspected and guaranteed to be in good working order

* Additional Sizes Available
Including 32x30x25, 40x48x25, 40x48x50, 48x45x34, 48x45x42, 48x45x50, 62x48x34, 65x48x25, 65x48x50, 70x48x34, 78x48x34

Looking for something else? We also have straight wall totes, used metal bins, and wire baskets in stock.


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