DuraLast Plastic Front Loaders

Heavy-duty. High capacity.

Get A QuoteDuraLast Waste & Recycling Plastic Containers are a sustainable option for waste and recycling companies. These lightweight, durable and low-maintenance containers deliver superior functionality and aesthetics compared to other plastic dumpsters.

DuraLast 2 Yard FEL


Capacity: 2,000 lbs
Width: 86”
Depth: 51”
Height: 48”
Weight: 205 lbs

DuraLast 4 Yard FEL


Capacity: 3,500 lbs
Width: 86”
Depth: 61”
Height: 61”
Weight: 368 lbs

DuraLast 6 Yard FEL


Capacity: 4,000 lbs
Width: 86”
Depth: 64.75”
Height: 86.75”
Weight: 492 lbs

DuraLast 8 Yard FEL


Capacity: 5,500 lbs
Width: 86”
Depth: 85.5”
Height: 86.75”
Weight: 568 lbs

Standard Colors 


  • 5-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Lighter and quieter than steel containers
  • Easy to clean, no sharp edges
  • Highest weight capacities in industry
  • Extra ribbing for extra strength & durability
  • Casters included on 2-yd. and 4-yd.


  • Custom colors
  • Replaceable fork pocket liners available
  • Drain plugs
  • Adhesive or in-mold logo labels
  • Cardboard slot available for 6-yd. and 8-yd.
  • Two side doors on 6-yd. and 8-yd.
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