Five Things to Consider When Selecting Commercial Containers

    Commercial Containers Buyer’s Guide [Part One]

    Five Things to Consider When Selecting Commercial ContainersWhether you know them as containers, totes, tubs, plastic gaylords, pallet containers, carts, hampers, dumpsters, front loaders, rear loaders, or even Meese boxes or Meese carts — plastic commercial containers are available in a myriad of styles and sizes.

    Manufactured using different types of resin and molding methods to provide varying features and benefits, plastic reusable commercial containers often look similar, but choosing the one that best meets your needs will:

    • Provide years of service
    • Make life easier for your operations staff
    • Please your customers

    When you’re ready to consider plastic commercial containers, before you talk with potential suppliers, ask yourself these questions:


    • What’s the material to be collected?
    • What will the load weights and volumes be?


    • How will the containers be moved and dumped? How often?
    • Critical or preferred dimensions?
    • How many containers are needed?
    • Do they need to stack for transportation or storage?
    • Is storage-space an issue? Will they be stored inside or outside?


    • Which labels and colors would enhance your corporate identity? Aid operations?

    Long Life vs. Low Cost

    • How does cost to own compare with cost to purchase?


    • What are the terms of the manufacturer’s warranty?

    Taking a couple of minutes to run through these questions will help put you on the path to finding the right container for your application, your business, and your customer. And we’re always available to help you with the process.

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    Posted by Steve Phelps