Meet the Newest Reusable Container: The Tall Grizzly Cart

    Meet the Tall Grizzly Cart

    Go higher, not wider! When the Grizzly cart just isn’t big enough, the Tall Grizzly is perfect!Meet the Tall Grizzly Cart

    It’s our CE Dozen March Special – buy 12 Tall Grizzlies at the regular price, and get the 13th free!

    Big 48 cubic foot capacity holds more than twice as much as a standard Grizzly.

    Features & Benefits:

    • Twice as much material per truckload
    • Fits through standard doors
    • Easy to maneuver
    • Available in several colors
    • Customer logos can be added

    This Reusable Container is Perfect for:

    • Cardboard
    • Electronics
    • Textiles
    • Plastics

    Not Ready to Buy? Lease Them!

    Over 60 months, the monthly cost to lease the Tall Grizzly will be about about $10.00 per month with a $1.00 buy out.

    See for yourself. CLICK HERE for our leasing calculator, and run the numbers.

    Posted by Steve Phelps

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