Five Ways to Maximize Your ROI

    Commercial Containers Buyer’s Guide [Part Four]

    Recycling Containers: How to Maximize Your ROI

    These simple steps will help you get the most from your commercial containers.

    Use Them as They Were Designed to Be Used

    • Keep load weights within the container’s specified limits. Exceeding weight limits leads to premature wear and breakage.
    • Stack loaded containers using lids unless they’re designed for unlidded stacking.
    • Stacking loaded bins on unlidded containers puts extra stress on rims and side walls: this is dangerous. Because the stacks are unstable, they can tumble and injure workers.

    Use a Tipper

    • Avoid knocking loaded containers onto their sides. It’s guaranteed to damage to the container, and shorten its life.
    • Service tipping equipment. Replace worn-out or missing rubber clamp liners, and keep clamp pressure as low as you need to handle the loaded container.

    Coach Forklift Operators

    • Forklift damage is a primary cause of container damage. Require operators to align forks with channels.
    • Let forklift operators know that every container that must be removed from service is $200+ lost.


    • If repairs are made promptly, cracks are stopped before they expand.
    • Forklift punctures can often be patched.

    Be Open to New Products and Ideas

    • Change can be a challenge and operational consistency is important, but advances in design and material may help you cut costs and improve productivity.
    • Ask your supplier to keep you posted on new options for your business, and put them into play after evaluating cost vs. benefit.

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    Posted by Steve Phelps