What's the Real Cost of Your Commercial Collection Containers?

    Cost of commercial collection containers

    Recently, a scrap paper recycling customer wanted to evaluate the actual cost of using commercial collection containers instead of just looking at the purchase price. Good idea. As always, there’s more to cost of ownership than purchase price.

    When you’re comparing container specifications and costs, here’s a quick way to estimate the cost of ownership.

    1. Make certain you’re comparing similar specifications – type of plastic resin, weight of plastic, weight capacity, volume capacity.

    2. Ask the supplier how many turns or uses you can reasonably expect to get from the container. They’ll probably say it depends on use and care. Sure, but they should be able to give you a pretty good idea based on experience in similar applications.

    3. Divide the selling price by the number of expected turns to get the estimated cost per turn or use. For example, we offer containers that range from about 15c to $1.00 per turn.

    Yes, sometimes quality reusable containers can cost more up front, but the total cost of ownership is significantly less.Leasing is a great way to reduce the initial capital outlay of purchasing reusable containers and create opportunities for long-term savings.

    Want help determining the true cost of your containers? Contact us for a free evaluation and we'll do the math.


    Posted by Steve Phelps