The Workhorse II Reusable Container

    Need a pallet sized bulk container at a super price? You’ve got it - CE’s Workhorse II is now available!

    It’s available in industry standard virgin resin, but also in extra heavy duty, long-lasting cross linked resin. What does it mean? It means it’s the longest lasting container around.

    • 49” x 41” x 35.88” high Workhorse II
    • Perfect for most waste paper accounts as well as scrap metal, plastic, textiles
    • In-mold labeling available for logos, name, and phone
    • Nests 6 high
    • 2-way fork openings
    • Truckload capacity: 144 containers
    • Lids optional
    • Available in black

    At exact pallet dimensions, the Workhorse II is designed to move all kinds of material in bulk. It is a day in, day out product that ships efficiently and has short lead time.

    Most importantly, the Workhorse II is an effective, inexpensive option for bulk storage. Call us to learn more: 866-289-9181.

    Posted by Steve Phelps