How to Switch to Reusable Containers (Without Breaking the Bank)

    Save Money by Switching to Reusable Containers

    It is common knowledge that reusable containers can cut your costs by 50-75% vs. gaylords

    ...and the chart below shows exactly how reusables reduce container costs by 67%.

      Reusable Disposable
    Typical Cost to Buy $200.00 $8.00
    Typical Life (# times can be used) 300 4
    Cost Per Use $0.67 $2.00

    But what about the capital outlay for reusable containers do you get the money to make the move?

    Lease Them!

    Over 60 months, the monthly cost to lease a reusable container will be about $4.40 with a $1.00 buy-out. It’s still less than half the cost of disposables.

    See for yourself. CLICK HERE for our leasing calculator, and run the numbers.

    Posted by Steve Phelps

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