Why Containers Technical Features Matter

    Commercial Containers Buyer’s Guide [Part Three]

    It is a common practice for buyers to compare pricing for recycling containers which appear to be similar, however, they often differ substantially in durability and suitability for the intended task. As with most products, when evaluating containers, it’s good to know something about what’s beneath the surface.

    Higher quality, longer lasting containers may cost more to buy, but will cost less to own and use.

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    The Most Popular Commercial/Industrial Container Styles

    Commercial Containers Buyer’s Guide [Part Two]

    Commercial containers can be mobile or stationary, nestable or stackable, rotatable, collapsible, customizable, front load, rear load, or configured for document security. They can be large, small, and everything in between. Here’s a rundown of the most popular types of plastic reusable containers.

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    Five Things to Consider When Selecting Commercial Containers

    Commercial Containers Buyer’s Guide [Part One]

    Whether you know them as containers, totes, tubs, plastic gaylords, pallet containers, carts, hampers, dumpsters, front loaders, rear loaders, or even Meese boxes or Meese carts — plastic commercial containers are available in a myriad of styles and sizes.

    Manufactured using different types of resin and molding methods to provide varying features and benefits, plastic reusable commercial containers often look similar, but choosing the one that best meets your needs will:

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    Commercial Trends from the Paper & Plastic Recycling Conference

    We had a great time at the 2015 Paper & Plastic Recycling Conference. During the Waste to Recycling to Resource Management session we learned the top 3 trends that are shaking up the commercial and industrial recycling industry. Read this article to discover what the current trends in commercial plastic recycling are and exactly what they mean.

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    John Tierney and Adam Minter's Scrap about Recycling

    Maybe you saw the article called The Reign of Recycling by John Tierney in last Sunday’s New York Times. It’s kind of a follow up to his 1996 piece, Recycling is Garbage. While the focus is on the consumer rather than industrial recycling, it’s an interesting and timely piece considering the upheaval in the recycling business today.

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    Do Your Reusable Commercial Containers Go Missing?

    From time to time our customers have asked if there’s an inexpensive, simple system available to automate tracking their commercial containers.

    You know how it goes: You send 50 containers to your customer, and they can only account for 40. You’re out about $250 each time a container disappears, and it adds up to more than you expected.

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    Outsource Your Containers - Buying, Managing, and Recycling

    Here’s a new way to think about buying and managing reusable plastic containers: Outsource it!

    An independent container supplier can find and buy your totes, tubs, carts, and containers, and even take care of your warranty claims, container repairs, and recycling old containers.

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    3 Reasons Why the Scrap Recycling Industry is a Major Economic Player

    Did you get a chance to review the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI) recent report on the economic impact of the U.S. based scrap recycling industry?

    The report confirms that it's a remarkable industry that’s often misjudged and misunderstood by the public. Here are 3 key takeaways from the report:

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    Save Money, Time, and Trouble on Containers, Tubs, Totes, & Carts

    As it turns out, when you need container products or expert advice, researching potential solutions and checking availability/prices can actually waste money and time. Are you really going to take the time to become an expert in reusable recycling, waste, or material handling containers?

    There are people whose job it is to handle all of this busy work for you – independent container experts.

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    4 Ways Leasing Commercial Recycling Containers Can Save You Big Time

    Reusable containers can dramatically reduce the cost of recycling industrial materials, but many companies still rely heavily on disposable containers. They just don’t have enough cash to buy reusable, even though they know they can save big in the long run.

    There is a way that can reduce the financial impact of converting from disposable to reusable commercial recycling containers: leasing

    To help our customers save capital, we’ve partnered JB2 Funding (, a company with broad experience financing commercial equipment including containers.

    Here are 4 ways leasing commercial recycling containers can benefit your company:

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