You Asked for Used Collapsible Containers, and We Have Them!

    Used Collapsible Containers

    • Inspected and guaranteed to be in good working order.
    • Mixed brands and colors.
    • Various sizes available.
    • Aggressive prices and fast delivery.

    CLICK HERE for a quote.

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    Buying Power - Put it to Work for Your Business

    Add up all of your locations’ spending on reusable plastic containers in the last year. Is it $50,000 or more? Then you’re a major account and should be treated like one.

    You should be getting these 7 benefits:

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    Custom Labels for Containers 101

    Custom Labels 101

    Did you know that custom labels are available for almost all of our containers?

    Custom labels help promote your business and can pay for themselves by reducing missing or customer re-purposed containers. Compared with spray painted stencils, which can easily be removed with solvent, custom labels are more permanent and look better.

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    Meet the Newest Reusable Container: The Tall Grizzly Cart

    Meet the Tall Grizzly Cart

    Go higher, not wider! When the Grizzly cart just isn’t big enough, the Tall Grizzly is perfect!

    It’s our CE Dozen March Special – buy 12 Tall Grizzlies at the regular price, and get the 13th free!

    Big 48 cubic foot capacity holds more than twice as much as a standard Grizzly.

    Features & Benefits:

    • Twice as much material per truckload
    • Fits through standard doors
    • Easy to maneuver
    • Available in several colors
    • Customer logos can be added
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    How to Switch to Reusable Containers (Without Breaking the Bank)

    Save Money by Switching to Reusable Containers

    It is common knowledge that reusable containers can cut your costs by 50-75% vs. gaylords

    ...and the chart below shows exactly how reusables reduce container costs by 67%.

      Reusable Disposable
    Typical Cost to Buy $200.00 $8.00
    Typical Life (# times can be used) 300 4
    Cost Per Use $0.67 $2.00

    But what about the capital outlay for reusable containers do you get the money to make the move?

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    7 Stats You Need to Know about the Circular Economy

    There’s been a lot of talk about the circular economy recently, and our commercial and industrial recycling customers have been actively building it for years.

    The U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation has just published Trash to Treasure: Changing Waste Streams to Profit Streams, and they listed several interesting stats from the report:

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    Here's a Great Way to Test Reusable Containers

    Test drive the Grizzly, Big Gorilla, Workhorse II, Workhorse, or MACX for just $100 + shipping.

    ...or buy 10, and your sample will be free!

    What can you do with your free test drive?:

    • Show it to a customer.
    • Try one on for size.
    • Test a rotator base.
    • Knock it around a bit.
    • See how much it will hold.
    • See how it looks in something other than black.
    • Compare it to what you’ve been using.

    Just CLICK HERE, and give one a try! Quantities are limited, and when they’re gone, they’re gone.

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    Five Ways to Maximize Your ROI

    Commercial Containers Buyer’s Guide [Part Four]

    These simple steps will help you get the most from your commercial containers.

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    Why Containers Technical Features Matter

    Commercial Containers Buyer’s Guide [Part Three]

    It is a common practice for buyers to compare pricing for recycling containers which appear to be similar, however, they often differ substantially in durability and suitability for the intended task. As with most products, when evaluating containers, it’s good to know something about what’s beneath the surface.

    Higher quality, longer lasting containers may cost more to buy, but will cost less to own and use.

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    The Most Popular Commercial/Industrial Container Styles

    Commercial Containers Buyer’s Guide [Part Two]

    Commercial containers can be mobile or stationary, nestable or stackable, rotatable, collapsible, customizable, front load, rear load, or configured for document security. They can be large, small, and everything in between. Here’s a rundown of the most popular types of plastic reusable containers.

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