Have a Unique Type of Job? A Custom Container is the Answer

    Every recycle job is unique in some way, and sometimes the standardized features of commercial bulk material collection containers don't fit the bill. It's like trying to stick a round peg into a square hole.

    Unfortunately, many recyclers we talk to aren't aware that they can get custom container solutions to their exact specifications or they think it's too expensive. So, they continue to struggle with inconvenient and ineffective processes.

    However, by thinking beyond the usual options, recyclers can solve a problem, accomplish a goal, win new business, or retain a valuable account.

    Here's an example of how a custom container solution dramatically improved the business process of one of our customers.

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    10 Things to Do When Buying Reusable Containers

    We’ll handle the other 9. It’s how we make commercial containers easy. We’ll source and supply the containers you need, so you won’t have to invest the time and effort. We’re independent, so you’ll get the right containers for your business – no matter who manufactures them. We’ll even offer customized, or top quality used products if they offer great value and help you accomplish your goals. Here are three recent examples:

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    The History of Trash in America

    One of my favorite things about working with recyclers and waste haulers is hearing the stories of how their businesses were founded. Considering most people think recycling was invented in the last twenty-five years or so, it’s fascinating to hear about the scrap businesses that go back several generations.

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    What's the Real Cost of Your Commercial Collection Containers?

    Recently, a scrap paper recycling customer wanted to evaluate the actual cost of using commercial collection containers instead of just looking at the purchase price. Good idea. As always, there’s more to cost of ownership than purchase price.

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    One Recycler's Quest for "Meese-Style" Carts

    One of the major paper recycling companies needed of 100 "Meese-style" carts to replace worn out units and beef up their inventory. They were looking for the best pricing, lead time, and guarantee as usual, but were also concerned about the durability of the base, casters, and top lip. They recognized that having the right carts can reduce cart re-orders as well as increase productivity and efficiency - a huge savings all around.

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    Example: Solving Commercial Container Problems

    Sometimes you start down one path and end up on another.

    Recently, we were working with a customer competing for a new contract. If theirs was the winning bid they’d need several hundred mobile carts to service the contract. As an aside, they asked if we offer big used collapsible boxes - 50" high – because they’re also converting from gaylords to reusable commercial containers.

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    Success Story: Special Container Helps Recycler Compete for New Contract

    A commercial recycling company in the southwest USA had a problem.

    They were competing for a new contract and needed to duplicate exactly their wire cage style containers – dimensions, steel gauge, weight capacity, fork tubes, casters, and an unusual sliding drop door. And they had to stack interchangeably with their current containers – a tough design requirement.

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    You Asked for Used Collapsible Containers, and We Have Them!

    Used Collapsible Containers

    • Inspected and guaranteed to be in good working order.
    • Mixed brands and colors.
    • Various sizes available.
    • Aggressive prices and fast delivery.

    CLICK HERE for a quote.

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    Buying Power - Put it to Work for Your Business

    Add up all of your locations’ spending on reusable plastic containers in the last year. Is it $50,000 or more? Then you’re a major account and should be treated like one.

    You should be getting these 7 benefits:

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    Custom Labels for Containers 101

    Custom Labels 101

    Did you know that custom labels are available for almost all of our containers?

    Custom labels help promote your business and can pay for themselves by reducing missing or customer re-purposed containers. Compared with spray painted stencils, which can easily be removed with solvent, custom labels are more permanent and look better.

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